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How to write a Perfect Cover Letter for a job

You must be thinking that what is the need of a cover letter that everyone says you to give it as an attachment? Why is it mandatory to have a cover letter with resume?  You need to understand that when you are submitting a resume against any job application a cover letter will be the first page that will reflect the resume. You may find that the employers asked only for the resume, but is a basic format that you must have a cover letter accompanying your job application.

While writing cover letter; be professional but never become a robot. Stop using bland, overly formal language says nothing about you or describes you. Employers want an employee who is capable, but also someone who would be a good addition to their company culture who can really contribute some productivity in the company. Your resume should be full of true facts and to the point, but you can be benefited from your cover letter which can be very much detailed.  You can also consider including a short anecdote or example of a time when you succeeded in your career. 

A very important tip for sending cover letter; attach the letter in the body of the mail where as send the resume as an attachment. You just need to follow these rules properly and do these things regularly for sending jobs, and very soon you will receive a good news of interview and finally will get a good job. 

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